Thursday, January 3, 2013

Valentine Day Card Design Tips

The Valentine day is observed on the14th of February each year. People from all around the world celebrate it. For this occasion, the young lovers present gifts to each other. Valentine Day Card is the most popular gift of this day.

 Step 1

Create a new document in Adobe Photoshop (Size 550px by 450px, Transparent Background). Now fill this file using Paint Bucket Tool (color code #b10101). See below screenshot. 

Step 2
Create a path using Pen Tools. Like the attached image.

Step 3
Reset brush size 5px, Hardness 100% and foreground color yellow. Select path palette from palette list and apply command Path > Stroke Path > select brush and ok. Like below image.

Step 4
Follow steps 3 and create another 2 line like the screenshot.

Step 5
Now add a cartoon image like below image. I have created this image using Adobe Illustrator. I will give another tutorial about this cartoon image.

Step 6
Now write Happy Valentines Day using font chasecallash like below screenshot.

Step 7
Create a bird shape using Pen Tools and follow steps 3 like below image.

Step 8
Create a love shape using custom shape Tools like the below screenshot.

Step 9
Now set it like below image 1 and 2. 
Image one

Image two

Thanks all.

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