Sunday, January 6, 2013

Basic Concept about Tools Bar of Adobe Photoshop CS5 Part-1

Tools Bar is the main part of Adobe Photoshop. We do maximum work using different Tools and sub-tools in Adobe Photoshop. Today I am going to explain the usages of Tools Bar.

Move Tools

Move Tools is a unit/single Tool. We use this Tool for moving a layer or selected part of an image.

 Marquee Tool

Rectangular Marquee Tools
Rectangular Marquee tool is a sub-tool of selection tool. We use this tool for the selection of rectangle.
Elliptical Marquee Tools
We use the Elliptical Marquee Tools for the selection of ellipse.
Single Row Marquee Tools
It is used to select single row and width of only 1px.
Single Column Marquee Tools
We use this tool for selecting single column and width of only 1px.

Lasso Tool

Lasso Tools
We use lasso tool for selecting an image freely.
Polygonal Lasso Tools
We use it for selecting an image by direct mouse click.
Magnetic Lasso Tools
Magnetic Lasso Tools is used for the auto selection of same pixel of an image.

Easy Selection Tool

Quick Selection Tool
Its name says its working style. Quick Selection Tool is a wonderful tool, selects strong edges of an object.
Magic Wand Tools
Magic Wand Tools select same color area of an image.
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