Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Design a Social Networking Logo in Vector Format

In this social networking logo, I have used a 3d globe image and some guys. I have completed this tutorial on Adobe Illustrator.

Step 1
Open a new document in Adobe Illustrator (1000px by 1000px). Then create a line using Line Segment Tool (color code #C1850E, or R-193, G-133, B-14). Follow below image.

Step 2
Add an anchor point on the line using Add Anchor Point Tool. Follow below image.


Step 3
Now select Direct Selection Tool and drag this new create anchor point, like below image.

Step 4
Give rounder effect using Convert Anchor Point Tool, like below image. 

Step 5
Copy this line command Object > Transform > Reflect. Like below image.

Step 6
Move this (new copy line) like below image. 

Step 7
Now select two lines and go blend option. Reset blend option, Specified Steps 20. Follow below image.

Step 8
Give command Object > Blend > Make. Like below image. 

Step 9
Newly create two lines top and bottom of the previous Blend line and apply command Object > Blend > Make. Look like below image.

Step 10
Now drag this net and drop it symbols pallet, use name net or other but Type select must Graphic. Like below image. 

Step 11
Now open a world map from your pc or take it online. At first use command Object > Live Trace > Make. After complete previous command drag it and drop symbols pallet, use name map and type- Graphic. Like below image.

Step 12
Create a circle using Ellipse Tool. Color and size like below image. 

Step 13
For selecting half of the circle, select direct selection tool and click an anchor point on the circle. Like below image.

Step 14
Now press delete key from keyboard. Look like below. 

Step 15
Select the half circle and use command Effect > 3D > Revolve. 

Step 16
Command map art and select map from symbols. Reset it like below image 1 and 2.
Image one

Image two

Step 17
 Now apply this effect to another half circle. In this step, I have applied the symbols of 'net and check Invisible Geometry'. Like below image 1, 2 and 3.
Image one

Image two

Image three

Step 18
Now create a guy, and set it new brush. Like below image 1 and 2.
Image one 

Image two

Step 19
Now create a circle and apply stoke brush. Like below image 1 and 2.
Image one

Image two

Image three

Step 20
Now create same circle and reset stoke size 20 and apply effect, Effect > 3D > Extrude and Bevel. Reset this windows value extrude depth 20. Like below image.

Thanks all.

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