Friday, December 7, 2012

Business Card Design: Tips

Another Business cards Design Video

This tutorial, I have explained step by step how to create a Business Card on Adobe Photoshop.

Step 1
First open a new document (580px by 320px) on Adobe Photoshop. Then fill it (#0893c1) solid color. Like below skin short 1 and 2. 
Image one

Image two

Step 2
Now create a duplicate layer and apply command   Filter> Texture > Texturizer. Reset this windows value, scaling - 116, Relief – 15 and light – Top. Follow below image.

Step 3
This step we apply another filter motion blur follow command. Filter > Blur > Motion Blur. Reset this windows value, Angle – (-49), Distance – 570px. Follow below image 1 and 2.
Image one

Image two

Step 4
Now select Top layer and change layer mode linear Burn for layer pallet. Like below image.

Step 5                                                                     
Create a shape like below image using pen tool. Now fill this selection using gradient color. I have use here a style from Adobe Illustrator (use blend option).

Step 6
Create two shape using pen tool fill solid color. Like below image.

Step 7
Now take a new layer. Create some oval like below image. Apply a style follow command, Layer >Layer style > Bevel and Emboss. Reset this windows value, style – Inner Bevel, Smooth – 100, Direction – Down, Size – 1, soften – 0. Angle– 120.

Step 8
Write your information using type tool and set like below image.

Step 9
Now create a logo and set it, like below image. I have create it using Adobe Illustrator (type tool, and Effect > 3D > Extrude and Bevel).

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  6. Beautifully described tut even useful for the beginners! Great job done keep it up!!