Friday, December 28, 2012

Basic Concept about Adobe Photoshop cs5

Adobe Photoshop is software for editing photo and graphics design. There are a number of software in the design world but Adobe Photoshop is the most popular one. Today, I have explained about interface of Adobe Photoshop cs5.

Full interface

This is full interface of Adobe Photoshop cs5. We find here Title Bar, Menu Bar, Tools Bar, Option Tools Bar and some palette (layer Palette, color Palette, style Palette, Swatches Palette, etc).

Title Bar

We term it as address bar of all windows. It bring windows name with logo and stays on top position of the windows. 

Menu Bar

Menu Bar brings all menus with sub-menus. We find here all important command. Here the menus are File, Edit, Image, Layer, Select, Filter, Analysis, 3D, View, Window and Help menu with all sub-menus.

Option Tools Bar

Option Tools Bar depends on different Tools. Every Tool contains an Option Tools Bar.

Tools Bar

We do all work on Adobe Photoshop using Tools Bar. Maximum Tools contain different sub-tools.

Layer Palette

It is the main parts of all palettes. We work maximum time with this palette.

Channel Palette

Channel Palette contains color mixture combination. For example, if you work with RGB image you find 4 channels (RGB, Red, Green and Blue); if you with CMYK image you find 5 channels (CMYK, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black).

Path Palette

If you create any path on your image you will find it here. 

Mask Palette

We use this palette for masking image with adjustment masking.

Adjustment Palette

Adjustment Palette is important like Layer Palette. We do all image adjustment work here.

Color Palette

Color Palette is used mainly for select background and foreground color.

Style Palette 

Here we find many layer styles. We can create a new style and save here.

Swatches Palette

Swatches Palette is same as color palette. We find here solid color swatches.

Thanks all.


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