Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Apple iPod Shuffle Design Tutorial

There are many ways to design Apple iPod Shuffle. I have completed this tutorial very easily. Just follow some easy steps and design this Apple iPod Shuffle. For completing this tutorial, I have used Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Step 1
Open a new document (900px by 900px) on Adobe Illustrator. Create a rectangle (827px by 589px) using Rectangle tools. Like below screenshot.

Step 2
Now apply linear gradient color (both outside slider color code #AA0404 or R-170, G-4, B-4), (both middle slider color code #F77F7F or R-247, G-127, B-127) and (inside slider color code #F94B4B or R-249, G-75, B-75). Follow below attached image.

Step 3
Create a circle using Ellipse Tool. Stroke size 70 pt and without fill color. Like below image.

Step 4
Now select the circle and follow command Object > Expand > Ok, or Object > Path > Outline Stroke. Follow below screenshot 1 and 2.
Image one

Image two

Step 5
Select the circle and use radial gradient. Like attach image.

Step 6
Give outside stroke of the circle. Like below image 1 and 2.
Image one

Image two

Step 7
Now create a triangle using Polygon Tools. Like below skin shot.

Step 8
Reset triangle and other sign like below image 1 and 2.
Image one 

Image two

Step 9
Now save this file in jepg format and open it in Adobe Photoshop. At first, take a new layer and remove background. Like below image.

Step 10
Copy Apple iPod Shuffle and apply command Edit > Transform > Flip Vertical. Like attach image.

Step 11
Now arrange like below image.

Step 12
Apply masking below layer. Follow below image 1 and 2.
Image one

Image two

Thanks all.

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